Friday, August 24, 2007

how to dispose of a sticker..

being raised in the foam household:

a few months ago foam finds a white sticker on which a little message is written in bold black letters . under the words there is an arrow that points downward. the sticker is stuck to the edge of the table. she wonders where said sticker comes from when she remembers that some kind of battery operated toy was very recently purchased, unpacked and assembled by the youngest human inhabitant in the house - the 9 year old. of course, typical for the foam household cleaning up after oneself obviously means sticking and putting stuff

foam grabs the sticker and is about to impatiently holler for her 9 year old when the 15 year old son walks by. foam looks at the sticker which is laying flat in the palm of her hand. her eyes twinkle
mischievously. she slyly glances at her son and realizes she has a means of disposing of the annoying sticker. with the sticky side facing away from her hand she looks at her 15 year old's unadorned t-shirt. Without further ado she plops that sticker onto the middle of her son's t-shirt. 15 year old son glances downward and sees a sticker with a bold arrow pointing toward his britches area. the sticker has this message to convey:


15 year old rolls his eyes, sighs then smirks, pulls off the sticker while saying:
"this is just wrong".
he keeps on walking, looks back. shakes his head and smiles..

i got rid of that sticker..


LADY LUXIE said...

ha! ah! ha! ha! ha!..pass me the sticker!!..I know what to do with it hee! hee!

Must be so much fun living in your housey'..:>

SJ said...

"But mom didn't you say that I don't have to stop?" you just wait for it.

Ruela said...


foam said...

yeah, we manage to have fun at times. and i'm certainly irreverant about certain things..

oh, i know..., i know...
i'm just holding by breath.


HLiza said...

Moms should always keep their sense of humour! I like can pass the sticker to me too!

Kate said...

lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG too funny and that soooooo could have been my house on any given day too! hehehehe

/t. said...

house with love


foam said...

hliza, humor is definitely an ingredient that is much needed when raising children ..... and hubbies ...

so, you find stickers all over the place too? lol

we try..

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Tonight in the car I was teasing the kids and made up a little rap song- the end went:
"Stay away from me
'Cause yo mamma is a...shovel"

(but the word that should have been there was 'ho)

Both of my kids rolled their eyes and groaned-
Sigh :)
Then we all laughed for about 15 minutes and their dad said he wanted to run away...
/t is right :)
Have a good weekend~ :D

b o o said...

but what great fun :)

Merelyme said...

LOL that was a great story foam. i have a lot of stickers in my house but none that says that!

hey thanks so much for following me to my new digs. you are a true friend!

crescent said...

Hiya Foam

Thanks a lot for joining Sayingsomething :-)


foam said...

it's obvious from your posts that your's is a house with love too.


maybe i should print shirts with that message and arrow printed on them.
and of course i'd follow you anywhere.


it's my pleasure..:)
thanks for inviting me.

Little Lamb said...

Mom to rescue! said...


humour ~ a necessary ingredient for all parents. irreverence is good sometimes, too. one certainly needs to learn to laugh lightly at oneself, huh?

Aunty Belle said...

One of those sparkly moments between a mama and her man-chile'. Wonderful post!

just me said...

Wonderful. Laughter keeps a mother sane. Isn't it wonderful when you're kids think you're immature?

foam said...

little lamb, mantissa, belle and just me,
yes laughter and humor ...
and not taking yourself too seriously.
i need to be like that more often.
just me....and thanks for dropping by.

dd said...

Hey - did you call me? Before you call again check out the new work online!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...


Dx said...

As sticker stories go, this is definitely the best.

Kate said...

stickers and dirty socks... uggggggg (there is actually a pair of them that I have been ignoring, right under my bed... one of the boys left them there... WHYYYY???)lol

LADY LUXIE said...

How's everything eh?..thinking of you...

xo xo xo

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