Thursday, May 10, 2007

seriously procrastinating


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Very cool!

LADY LUXIE said...


I'm contemplating getting rid of all my chairs and tables and buying new sets for the move. Am' thinking the art I see here is kinda' like what I want to live with...

hm' excited..

weekend here' cooking then will take a shower..then will lock myself in my room and blissfully watch miss'...take care:>

X. Dell said...

The ability to make visually compelling images is a true gift, Freundin. Since I couldn't so much draw a straight line with a ruler, what you do has a certin magic to me, a sense of awe that makes me think, "How does she do that?"

Am I to guess that this is a more recent work? (I'm just guessing because the word "foam" is so prominent--although you could have used that nickname for decades.)

foam said...

didn't we just talk about the end of the week /err/ just yesterday? it's already back...the weekend that is.

oh, buying art for a new place is exciting. and new furnishings can be refreshing.

so, what's for dinner? i think i'll fix, hmmmmm, well.....don't know. i'll just have to see what's in the pantry, fridge and freezer.
it's just a doodle on the computer i did with a very basic drawing program sometime last weekend. anybody who's ever messed with that stuff will probably recognize how i did it. the circular effect i added through the rockyou site. they have all kinds of nifty stuff on sites like that. i could have made hearts float across my image.
but thanks so much, i did try to make it visually compelling.
and the use of foam is very recent,btw.


Anonymous said...

of work by the
canadian surrealist
painter alfred pellan -- cool!


Enemy of the Republic said...

Yes. Let's start a movement!!!

Malnurtured Snay said...

I feel hypnotized ...

kate said...

ahhhh so this is where the photo came from on my guestbook!! lol very cool! I wonder if you could have done it as a video and it would have moved...???...

BTW you arent the only one who got a false address on that thing! Buff, Aggie and I all did as well... I assume that 'She' did too as it points to her location in the middle of the ocean somewhere! lol

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

i googled pellan. i wasn't really familiar with his work. i can see where you thought there were some similarities. he uses many different lines, shapes and colors in his art. i liked his work a lot. some of it had a Miro type quality to it.

okay, i'm in...

i just get dizzy when i stare at it too long..

it's possible that i could have put it on as a video. but i was in such a rush that morning. being out there in the middle of the ocean is funny...
you have a great weekend too.

kate said...

ok I went to but I didnt find anything near as cool as you did! lol I got the 'noise' and could find the 'hearts' you were referring to... I finally gave up! lol

Have a good mothers day Foam!

foam said...

you have a good mother's day too, kate.
you just need to upload some of your images and play around a bit. it's all there.

Princess Banter said...

Yeaaaah -- rock on!

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