Monday, April 16, 2007

This evening, I went shopping for clothes (meaning this past Friday). I usually loath shopping for clothes but this time I enjoyed it...for the most part. For you see, I went shopping for my mother. She doesn't know that I've gone shopping for her since she has been in bed since 6:30 pm. For a couple of years now she has gone to bed very early. So early, in fact that I sometimes have to rush to get dinner ready before she goes to bed. Bedtime for her is often between 6:30 - 7:30pm. Sometimes I can coax her to stay up longer, but this was one of the days when she was already in bed by 6:30. I was thankful for my oldest who fixed her a peanut butter sandwich because I certainly didn't have anything fixed by that time. So, I took the opportunity to shop for her.
I do feel slightly guilty about going by myself. I'm rather selfish at times. My mother is rather weak and does not have much strength left in her legs. Although she does walk she tires out relatively quickly in stores.
This astonishes me on a daily basis. All through her 70s she still was a bundle of energy and strength, a nonstop machine that could run, hike, prune trees and really take care of everything that she had to. After she turned 80 I started noticing a subtle change. I realized that my youthful mother had become old. Her thought processes were just very subtly different. She had become just the slightest bit unsteady. At 83 and after having fallen 2 years ago the onward unrelenting process of deterioration within her walking and thought processes has subtly progressed. It's odd for me to think of her as old. Physically she still looks so much younger. When people tell her she looks like she is in her 60s, sometimes early 70s they are not lying. When she still lived in Germany she was contantly asked to run errands for a woman who was 7 years younger than she was and always delighted to have a nice younger neighbor (my mother) to help her out. My mother was happy to do it since this lady was taking care of her bedridden husband. To this day people always think she is 10 perhaps even 15 years younger. They are always surprised that she is an octogenarian. Her hair only started turning gray in her late 70s and she still has relatively few gray hairs. She is still slender and shapely considering her age. My mother has had complete physicals........internally she still is as healthy as a horse.. She takes no medication.....well, except the for the eyedrops she's supposed to take for her glaucoma which, of course, she refuses to take. ..........

Sunday evening.....

I've just found out that school is delayed tomorrow morning due to torrential winds and power outages that we are having. I was about to write a new blog when I decided to look and see what I had in draft. I always have a fair amount of stuff that I've begun in draft and often time bother to finish or to publish. The above is an example of an unedited draft. I actually started writing it before wrote the previous post.

I'm not sure how I was planning to finish this post. But the next morning before I headed out to spend the day, a night and most of Sunday morning with good friends she tried on her clothes. She liked them. I knew she would. I know my mother's taste. Good quality cotton clothes or clothes made from natural fibers, good wools, no polyester stuff, no tacky designs and prints (what we consider tacky, at least). My mother by profession is a textile engineer after all. One of the first female ones in postwar Germany. She knows her fibers. She knows her fabric.

I'm not sure that I'll post much about my mother anymore unless I explain to her what blogging is.
It's her life after all that I write about.


Wizened Wizard said...

Bless you and your mother. (And bless anyone who refuses to wear polyester)!

Even though I know it isn't always easy, how wonderful for both of you that you are sharing this time. She sounds like a remarkable woman, the block off which you were chipped.

X. Dell said...

I'm wondering if your mother, or anyone else in your family reads your blog.

A peanut butter sandwich doesn't seem too bad a dinner, especially before bedtime. Does your son actually cook yet? Or will he have to learn that skill in his bachelorhood?

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Your Mom sounds like she is a remarkable woman. It seems she raised one as well.

I don't know how far along your Mom's dementia is (or how techno savvy she was before it hit) but does she know what a blog is?

foam said...

yes she is a very remarkable woman.
i reckon i'm like her in certain aspects...:)
you do know that kids never want to look in the mirror and see their parent reflected back at them though..,
nope, nobody in my family reads my blog.
everybody knows i blog. well, perhaps my youngest doesn't quite understand what it is yet. i've shown my husband the utube videos of cora and kate, i've bookmarked your site for him should he ever get a hankering to read a blog. my mother knows that i write her stories on the computer. she knows they are in some kind of format she's seen my blog, but i have to admit i haven't really explained to her exactly what it is. she doesn't know that it is interactive. i've sometimes thought about creating a blog for her though...
my husband is welcome to read my blog that's why i have the anonymous section.

nah, in a hurry a pbj sandwich is not bad. he does some cooking...
cornbread, for example. he makes great tortillas from stuff out of the fridge. he's put together salads. his speciality are those ramen noodles though...:) i do need to get him more involved.
btw, i primarily learned to cook in my bachelorhood.

foam said...

she knows that people have webpages, but she doesn't know what a blog is.
i'm thinking of setting one up for her perhaps. it would be interesting. yes, the more i think about it, the better i like the idea. but, she'd need her own computer.
she's not very techno savvy at all.
she does have an interest in computers though. but i tell you...
watching her use the mouse.....ouch..
but i remember from myself that it does just take some practice.

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