Sunday, April 22, 2007

Typical scene in the foam household:
A walker with no lovely, elderly and stubborn person attached to it.
(This photo was taken by my husband a week ago. We were in the process of having my mother's downstairs apartment tiled. These renovations are now complete.)

Yesterday my mother fell again.
Right in front of me.
She had no walker with her of course.
I saw her trip.
My mind said: "Move! You can catch her".
But my body froze.
And as if in slow motion I saw my mother fall and hit her chin on the edge of our kitchen table.
And in slow motion, she continued to fall to the floor.
She's a tough old gal. Luckily nothing was broken.
This morning, however, her body is sore.
And this morning, once again, my mother's walker is not where she is.


Aunty Belle said...

Oh Darlin'! I came by ter say I knows what ya' mean about wanderlust...and sees this here thang on yore Mama--so so sorry!

I got a Mama on a walker too---an know how yore heart is in yore throat when they take a spill.

Yore a dear girl to care for yore mama, honey--some fun trips is bound ter be in yore future.

Aunty Belle said...

An' I jes' read yore Friday 13 entry.

Sugar...youse wonderful, yore Mama is wonderful....and youse showin' yore own kiddies how it is done.

Auty Belle does often wonder if they's a quotient--stress is the killer of healthy synapses. Mayhap they's a cumulative amount of stress past which the pore ole' brain cain't muster.

Some folks have self induced stresses--risky lifestyle (race car drivers!) or too much moonshine...but life streses (war, deaths, relationships, poverty) add to the accumulated damage and them one day the damage begins ter show.

It's a fine thang youse lovin' flowers, and friends...bein' in life while life is happenin'--ya know?

Why, goodness, I suspect that enjoyin' the little blessin's of each day is in fact a stress antidote.

Too manuy of us is tempted ter jes' waith till the smoke clears afore we "live" or do the thangs we wanna do--I mena the little thangs, like growin' a pot or two of posies, having folks fer the weekend.

I'se admirin' ya, Foam--youse reaally special.

foam said...

i luv ya, aunty belle....

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

OUCH! I'm glad that she is ok. My Mom falls sometimes too. It is so scary to watch and you can never move (when you can move) fast enough.

The Ramblin Irishman said...

Hey, I have been told they make 'em tough in Germany, now the proof is in the pudding. At first I thought it was your walker and wondered why the bucket and not a catheter. (snicker, snicker, snicker) You be nice to Mom she is a special lady.

foam said...

yes, witnessing falls in horrible. it's enough just seeing the evidence of it when i'm not around such as bruised knees, scrapes....
her poor chin is black and blue.

truly, irishman, i'm a lady. i don't use buckets. i use a proper chamberpot which i keep under the bed. tsk, what you must think of me...(shaking head in disbelieve)

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