Friday, March 16, 2007

Today, after my oldest comes home from school he marches into the kitchen. I am busily chopping away at mushrooms and assume he will continue on his way and disappear into his room. But no, he pauses in the kitchen. I turn to face him. He stands there with his hands in his pockets and glances down at his momma. I glance up then down the length of his 6'1" frame. His hands are in his pockets. He is wearing baggy jeans (not the hip hop type of baggy), t-shirt, short, typical teenage boy attire. I notice that I am standing exactly the same way, hands in pockets...and wearing just about the same type of clothes.. baggy jeans, t-shirt taken from hubbies t-shirt drawer. It occurs to me that for most of my life I've dressed exactly like this, very gender non-specific. I jokingly ask him if he thinks his 47 year old momma ought to wear clothes that are a different style than his. He's slightly startled, doesn't know what to say. That apparently wasn't on his mind at all (well, duh to me). He looks down at me again and says...
"You know, I've read that in countries where they still do a siesta...nap during the day...the incidence of high blood pressure is less then it is in countries where they don't do siesta. " Now it's my turn to be taken aback...but pleasantly so. I tell him that I did take a nap today, actually just about every day since I've had this unexpected week off. I do tell him that those naps will come to an end when i go back to work next week. He suggests that I come home during lunch to take a short nap. I tease him and enlighten him as to the exact length of my lunch break... 30 minutes. To which he answers, "well, then just eat your sandwich or whatever in 5 minutes, go outside to your car and nap in the car."
He was very serious. The conversation comes to an end when my youngest enters and both boys leave the kitchen. I turn back to chopping vegetables. I realize that my oldest has made it a point since I've had this blood pressure scare and spent 2 days out of the weekend in the ER to inquire about my well being after school. He's been concerned and I almost didn't notice....
I'm glad he's my son.


Anonymous said...

foamy that's a good kid you've raised. and i think the siesta is a good idea period. i still dress in jeans as a daily uniform as well...its the appropriate attire for messy art making, chopping and cooking, etc! i ve been thinking about you. im not nagging, but....i think a studio wouldnt hurt. ya know?

btw. i know youre busy. but check out etsy. its like a much better ebay: but its only about art. or, handmade items. if youre interested you could sell some stuff? its fun! so check it out grrrrrrrrrrrrrl and thanks for stopping by the fire.


foam said...

you're sounding just like dd, the only blogger i also know in real space. must do it. that's what i've always appreciated about you..even in doggie form...encouraging me to err 'git er done'..the studio that is. thanks.
yep, i reckon i just might pop on over to etsy right now.
you be careful in those woods now, ya hea'?..:)

Imma ( Alice) said...

What a wonderful son you have, Foam. Tells me you're a great mom. :o) Obviously though, you can't nap during a 30 minute lunch break, but please do take good care of yourself anyway.

foam said...

we're lucky. my husband and I have good children despite ourselves...
don't worry. i'll be taking care of myself.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

right! git rrrrrrrrrr done! did you look at etsy yet? what did you think. check out the listings on drawings.


Wizened Wizard said...

Precious boy. You must be proud.

I have had high blood pressure for almost twenty years. Med's control it most of the time.

I do some of the right things: eat right (low fat, low salt, whole and natural and organic foods, mostly vegetarian and fish), try to avoid stressful situations.

BUT, the best way to reduce blood pressure seems to be exercise. The body reacts to physical demands by protecting itself, i.e., as you push yourself, your body reduces b.p. - don't push yourself too hard, but don't be afraid to walk vigorously.

Now I should go take my own advice.

I've been too wrapped up in my own work and worries lately. I was not aware of your problem. I hope you are okay.

foam said...

i did check out etsy and bookmarked it. i looked into the paintings and bookmarked a page of a furniture maker. i'll go check out the drawings here pretty soon.

no, you are right. i did have high blood pressure, dangerously high as a matter of fact....217 over 115. the nurses were surprised i was walking around. i had never been diagnosed with high blood pressure before. i few posts back i did talk about it. i don't think that probably any of those posts are very specific as I was feeling weird when i was writing them.'re diet sounds like my diet, btw, although since i'm surrounded by carnivores i do eat more meat than i used to.
i did go to your link...
breathtakingly beautiful again, both the poem and the photograph.

Dirk_Star said...

Good story.

Talking with our children and finding out what they are truly thinking about.

What a concept...

I 'll have to visit here ore often.

May I say you run with a good crowd of bloggers?

foam said...

hey dirk,
welcome to my new blogging home. i've seen you out and about. seems we run around with the same great bunch of bloggers. i'll be over to visit you later. right now t'is time to take the youngest to a b-day party.

X. Dell said...

Sweet story. Touching.

Something tells me his reaction would have been the same had you been filthy rich and in a position to leave him a multi-million dollar inheritance. Good for both of you.

foam said...

thank you. i do feel filthy rich, however, in things that are not measurable by money.
i actually just came back from the er again. er always sounds so dramatic. but what do you do when you live in a small town and the er is the only weekend care place to have things checked out. my blood pressure rose so quickly again that it was making be feel real weird again. i'm just not used to all this up and down's freakin' me out, which doesn't make things any better.

Wizened Wizard said...

Me again, Foam.

I finally slowed down... and took the time to read slowly through your last few posts. It sounds like all the stresses of several months piled up on you. What a good thing you stopped by the free BP screening.

Come back and visit Shaman and Wizard some time when you have some free moments. Even though winter and snow are still the usual inspiration, Shaman writes such restful poems and creates peaceful images - good for the "high pressured..."

Since reading this last post, John Lennon's song Beautiful Boy keeps running through my head.

Peace -

X. Dell said...

I'm hoping that your medical care can even thngs out. After all, the ups and downs in how you're feeling are probably contributing to additional stress.

Um, so maybe if you can finish your lunch in five minutes and take a brief nap in your car....

Mayden's Voyage said...

Just read this...brought tears to my eyes-
16 is old enough for our kids to know we aren't immortal~
really know it...

I'm sending you a note- I'm worried about you~

foam said...

Yes, Wizard, I have visited that site. It's so lovely and peaceful. I actually have it linked, but it doesn't show on my blog. and thanks for the beautiful boy link.. it's been a long time since i've read it.
it actually reminded me of my husband when our oldest was born. it reminded me of how he would cradle him and just gaze into his eyes.,
you are right...the ups and down are not helping me to deal with this very well. there's really only 8 weeks left as far as my job goes. i'm not planning on doing anything too stressful if i can help it.

i read your note. thanks...:)
and i wrote back.. xo

LADY LUXIE said...

uuuuuuuu....sniff!..sniff! sweet...just heartwarming...

My 15 year old was standing beside me a while ago..I looked up into his eyes..and he asked.... if we could order pizza for lunch instead of what I cooked...

Anonymous said...

lol, luxie...
well, usually conversation between us can be olike that too...'err, is that what your cooking?' 'yep!' 'I think I'll eat something else..'..

Jay said...

Naps have all kinds of health benefits. Someone should tell our employers. It's sweet that he's concerned, sounds like the kind of kid everyone would like to raise.

Enemy of the Republic said...

What a good feeling that is.

Anonymous said...

me' hubby and I met some clients who flew in from the States...we talked from 1 am till about 4...I got home round 6 am..woke up an hour ago...but I'm still sleepy...hubby just left for work again...and i'll tell you all about the weekend tele novela (which stars me of course)in a couple of hours...think...romeo and juliet with frankentsein combined in one script..he!he!..

gawd'..I'm drained...but happy coz' he got to say I'm sorry and admit ( well almost) that I'm right!..nye!he!he!

Luxie doo'...

ps: schools out for my youngest...what to do..what to do...he's been glued to his ideo game for more than an hour already!

foam said...

yes, the employers need to get with it.

yes, that is a good feeling.

1 a.m to 4 a.m. conversations? wow. the later it gets the less lucid i usually am. ....and i know what you can do with your son.......send him to cooking classes...:)

dd said...

I think you should check your blood pressure everyday and post it on yer blog like the phases of the moon. We could compare the phases of foamy with the phases of the moon. Wouldn't that be a fun science project!

artblogger said...

thank goodness you don't have a commute down I95 or I85 everyday. That's enough to get the most experienced road warrior a coronoary!

foam said...

dd, actually not a bad idea. what i should probably do is take my blood pressure after i come home from work and compare how my blood pressure reacts to different schools.

a commute down those interstates on a daily basis? ....ech....
not imaginable..

kate said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! That is a sweet story. It also is interesting to me that your flipped comment about attire opened the door for him to tell you that he really cared! Funny how these conversations happen!

Red wine... siestas... there are some good bits to having high BP! Just keep a look after yourself!!

btw I changed your name!=]

foam said...

thanks for changing the name, kate..

ah, i think i'll have a glass of red wine now. i haven't had a glass of red wine in a few weeks..
it'll do me good i think.

LADY LUXIE said...

the cork of my red wine bottle won't budge..I had a beer instead...


Enemy of the Republic said...

I believe in siestas as though they were a religion unto themselves.

Mayden's Voyage said...

Hope you are feeling better~
Just wanted to pop over and say hi...
I'm swamped for the next 3 weeks-
But part of that will be in Florida on the beach- so I'm not complaining! :)

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