Monday, March 12, 2007

okay, i'm not feeling very good.
i went back to the er yesterday.
i felt all jittery, lightheaded, headachey .
after much pocking and prodding and xrays
they finally decided it was the meds that were causing me to react this way.
that and the fact that my blood pressure was dropping so rapidly.
i've never been on any medication whatsoever besides the occasional pain pill
and antibiotic. my body is not used to it.

today i was put on another medication.
everything appeared fine.
now, i'm feeling nauseated. nauseous to my stomach. ech..
i think i'm gonna make me some peppermint or chamomile tea.
i'm glad that i've been released from work through next monday.
there's no way i could deal with about 190 people tomorrow ranging between
the ages of 6 through 60 or so. and stand the whole time while doing so.

okay, now i'm feeling sorry for myself.
bring on the cyberhugs.
i'm quite at my leisure this week...


Anonymous said...

Fooooam...I'm comin' over..just wait..

( me grabbing cyber keys..getting onto cybie car - Mercedes S5 series -might as well cybie travel in style he!he!...)

knock! knock! I the tea with me..fresh from China..or Japan ( looking at box of tea...puzzled..)...Italy (!?)...gawd...wherever it is teas come from!!!....

( Foam opening door...)

Luxie:...(hugging Foam tight...)...sorry me' took so long...traffic jam in the highway....I think X and Cora are still stuck in traffic too!....Do you have coffee?

( ps: your word verification says...cmugg..)

Anonymous said...

I'll be back here a bit later..need to fry something...

foam said...

lol. luxie
the nauseaous (i think i have too many vowels in nausea..whatever) feelings come and go. it is bright and early here today and i'm feeling rather good presently. i do think my body is adjusting to the medicine and thankfully i have a week to figure it out. but should i see a mercedes S5 vehicle pull up i'll know it's you.

X. Dell said...

How does one drive a Mercedes across the Pacific Ocean?

Get well soon, Freundin.

foam said...

cybie cars can do anything..even cross oceans
...i will, freund.

Imma ( Alice) said...

That's a big hug for you.

Wizened Wizard said...

Oh, gosh, I just left you a comment on how to LOWER your BP... My bad... Seems like low is the problem.

A med I took for depression caused my BP to plummet (after several months of being on it with no apparent bad effect). Very scary.

I hope you are mended.

Mayden's Voyage said...

I'm late- but you've been on my mind :)

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