Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I'm rested
I feel active
I'm not fatigued


It seems like I've been fatigued forever
but especially this year and last year
I've had this frigging foot problem ...gone
I've had anemia....taken care of
We've sold two houses
and incorporated
two households into one

I've had a breast cancer scare which was closely monitored
but appears to be nothing
4 stitches on a knee.....
(boy, it feels great to rehash the old bubus now that they are taken care of)
and then this little issue with my blood pressure
this weekend
it's on its way to being taken care of..

my mother stubbornly refuses to use her walker
and therefore stumbles and falls at times
i've decided that all i can do is place it infront of her
and encourage her to use it
no more freaking out when i see her without it

spouses will be sPoUsy at times
there's always another room in the house
kids will be kids
i'll just send them to their seperate rooms

i have a very stressful aggravating work situation
one afternoon a week
and my job is already stressful enough
well, sigh, i just reckon all my followup appointments will just have to be on that particular afternoon

even though the mornings are still on the chilly side
the days have been warming up
amazing that i had to wear that coat just two weeks ago to stay warm

it's time to shed it
i'm so excited about spring


X. Dell said...

Looking forward to getting out of that parka, huh? Well, I have a feeling that summer will be plenty warm.

But knowing that your health is on the mend is pretty cool.

(Sends cyberhug)

foam said...

heck, i'm already outta the parka.
and thanks for the cyberhug...much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I've never worn a chic parka like the one you have ...I would love to..I wonder what my neighbors would say if I walk down the street wearing one...

I've always wondered about winter..We get pretty foggy weather in certain mountain places here....The coldest I have endured is 9 degrees cel....I'd like to meet real winter someday...

It must be such a poignant moment to usher in spring...I've wondered about that too...what a blessing you from the west have to experience the full circle of seasons.....to see the drama of changing colors that mark the passage of seasons....

My relatives and friends from America who come visit try to explain how it is...they say we have it here too...but only in subtle hints as if to whisper this is what is happening to the other side of the world...

Right now it is comfy cool...I can smell burning leaves coming from somewhere...later on the sun will blaze hot...with a breeze...

and in all these thoughts it gives me a sense of well being to know that you are feeling so much better....take care..

Luxie dee' doo'

Enemy of the Republic said...

I'm glad to know you are feeling better, my friend.

foam said...

hey luxie dee doo,

i do live in the southern part of the United States. There have been years when i thought we'd never get a proper winter. and then when i want a proper winter i head up our mountains just 20 miles west. whole different world up there. but we do always have a drastic change in seasons. leaves turn red, drop from the trees, grasses may turn brown...no flowers.
right now the daffodils are blooming and today i saw the first blooming trees. pretty soon it will be so green that it will be hard to keep at bay. the south will have awoken...and it will get hot as blazes.
now, there are places in the Deep South that never get a proper winter....Florida for one..
i know folks here who think that 9 C is very, very cold...and they've lived here all their lives.
i've often wondered likewise about living in a tropical climate.
..and you take care to..

thanks, eor..:)

Anonymous said...

it's another morning where you are...can you believe I've been through a night of you asleep..I hope you rested well...I almost live in a computer.I do my work..my client chats and calls..my checking on the news...my scouting for lunch delivery ( if I don' want to cook)..I even chat with my hubby during certain times...gawd...I'm realizing all these because it's 6:39 pm here and I've been online since 6 44 this am...

cramming actually...i need to have something for a client by tomorrow..which means I'd have to skip lunch with my meatspace friends again.....shucks...they'd never understand...

had an accident during lunch..burned my hands...but it's not that painful anymore...

have a nice day!

ps: I' imagining what you described about the coming of spring...

foam said...

yah, your days are my nights..

The Ramblin Irishman said...

Oh, was that a parka? I thought you just needed a shave after being sick.:) Good to see you up and at em again. I don't know who it is that was talking about winter but I could tell stories about snow so deep that it covered the power lines and we skiied or went to school in horse drawn covered sleighs. Ah, the good old days.

Wizened Wizard said...

Glad to hear things are looking up for you, Foam.

Spring is a wonderful tonic. (Of course it helps that you have been minding yourself too).

Here are some spring images from me and Shaman... I hope you enjoy them despite the glimpse of snow in one of the photos.

May "the old bubus" remain in the past. Happy Spring!!

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