Sunday, March 11, 2007

this weekend i had just a wee bit of a wake up call
for you see
unbeknown to me i was being stalked
and apparently very dangerously close too

no, not a human stalker
this particular stalker was within me

she was very silent
caused no pain really
perhaps some fatigue
the usual slight headaches
she was very sneaky since i did have a complete physical
just a couple of months ago
except for the anemia
slightly elevated blood pressure within normal ranges
nothing was wrong with me

just a couple of days ago
at a public event
i decided to take advantage of a free blood pressure

they gave me a horrified look
asked if i was feeling well
really, i had just a slight headache
i'd been feeling slightly fatigued
but when have i not this past year and more

took my blood pressure several more times..
i ended up in the er
with stuff hooked up to me
i didn't even get to drive myself

several hours later they did dismiss me
medication worked
i'm on prescription medication now
and will see my doctor on monday

who knew when i woke up that Friday morning
checked in on a few blogs
went to work
that i would come face to face with The Silent Killer
my brother certainly didn't know 12 years ago
he wasn't lucky


time to get back to the foam overhaul within and without
i'll be fine

and you out there
be good and stay healthy
and at times do check your blood pressure


and, maaaaaaan, i'm so not writing this to get a bunch of sympathy
we all just need to be careful with ourselves
that's all

ps: and, no, i did not have a stroke but apparently was real close to having one..


Anonymous said...

*whew* thank God for the screen


X. Dell said...

Um, Foam, it might be easy to say that you don't want sympathy, but you are a part of us, a part of our lives. How can we not feel sympathy? How can we not be relieved that you managed to avert a crisis?

I, for one, appreciate your telling us this, and your warning. We will definitely take your advice.

Imma ( Alice) said...

Hi Foam. I understand what you mean about not wanting sympathy... I hate having people feel sorry for me. Empathy now is a totally different thing and I feel it's okay to empathize with others. Empathy is understanding what it must be like.

Having said that, I'm not sure that, never having had a problem like that, I would be able to understand. Imagine though? Yes, I think I could imagine what it would be like... the shock, the fear, stuff like that.

I am sorry you had to go through that, and I am very happy that you went through it because if you hadn't, it could well have had a very sad ending. I am so happy to hear that you are going to be fine and the meds are working for you. As you obviously know, this is a good thing.

Thanks for sharing this with us, my friend. Please take care of you.

My Aunt Joey, Dad's last sibling, died March 5th, just 6 days ago, from either a heart attack or stroke, not sure which. She was elderly though, so not such a terrible thing, though sad enough for those left behind, especially her only son. I've read that Heart Disease and Strokes kill more women each year than Cancer... so it's BIG! And it's important for us to get regular checks done on these things.

All this makes me even happier that I've joined the gym and am loving working out there on a regular basis. I know my heart is getting stronger and healthier every day.


Anonymous said...

yes that's exactly what i said...:),
don't mind me. sometimes i have this thing about appearing to want attention on purpose. it's just a stupid little insecurity on my part.
thanks for feeling sympathy..:)

hypertension and heart disease is something that affects both sides of my family. this is a fact which i've been very aware of. i stay active, eat fairly well, don't smoke.. i was kind of shocked that it came on so quick especially after a good check up.
i'm so sorry to hear about your aunt and i know you must be feeling better after having joined the gym.


LADY LUXIE said...

oh' Foam..The other night..( let me nights ago)..while trying to sleep I felt this rush of palpitation..then felt cold all over..then like faint..I've been getting it for some time now..I think I shall take your advice and take care of me...I'll see the doc as well...( a medical doctor that is..)

I'm so relieved that you had that blood pressure relax...hey..can I come over your house later??

( ps: 3rd try with the visual thingy here....hmmmmmmm)

foam said...

it just might be about time for a complete physical, luxie. i think i've been ignoring fatigue signs for a while thinking they were related to
my job, sick children, anemia, and yes, palpitations at night and a quickening of my heartbeat (don't really know why i ignored those...i would forget about those in the morning while rushing around getting ready).
so, go get a physical. it may be nothing, not related to blood pressure, but better to err on the safe side..
you take care of yourself, sweat pea.

ThursdayNext said...

Foam, I am glad that you are feeling better and a crisis was averted. I have missed you and I am glad to be back reading blogs. xoxoxo

Enemy of the Republic said...

This blog is beautiful. I am finally linking it--sorry for the delay.

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