Thursday, June 7, 2018

walking the neighborhood this morning


I adopted a 10 year old dog shortly after Christmas.  I have since then gotten into the habit of taking the dog for walks during the early morning. During the winter, those walks could be frigid, dreary and dark, oh weh!  However, I quite enjoy the early morning walks, especially if I manage walk at just the right time to catch the sun rising over the horizon.  This photo was taking just this morning.  The doggy clearly was equally impressed.  He tinkled on the  grass in obvious delight.
Anyway, here is a photo of my dog with my 16 year old cat taken at night.
(This blog update should last me for the next couple of years, gell?)


Saturday, December 3, 2016

It's never to late to participate in a meme, right???

A few months ago (perhaps?), Mago posted a meme about books on chairs which actually coincided with one of my very rare 'have to dust surfaces now!' moods.  The surface I was dusting at the time was our baby grand piano and I had haphazardly plopped some old sheet music of mine down on this even older cushioned rocking chair.
The sheet music hails from my early teenage years.  It was and still is a favorite piece of music of mine to play.  The antique rocking chair is an inheritance from pinetop's (Mr Foam) grandmama.  In this rocking chair, I nursed both my sons.


Thursday, June 9, 2016

tbt .. Recently, I dumped the contents of an extraneous nightstand table which we were taking to another town to be in my son's new abode. Along with miscellaneous items that had belonged to my mother was my very first passport! You can see my mother's hand between my arm and dress.  My first travel out of country was Germany.

Friday, October 23, 2015

My stuff has stuff ...

So, ya know. just this very minute I was going to work on a collage with a certain type of paper that I knew exactly where to find in a, oh so messy,  basement room. We all have a room or 2 like that, right? RIGHT?   In this room you had to lift your legs sky hIgh and carefully scoot and clamber around random boxes and other assorted junk.
 Anyway, I knew exactly where that small box of origami paper was... sniff.  That is, until my very capable and very beloved oldest son who is visiting for a few weeks before his yearlong jaunt to Aussieland decided to clean up and organize the room.  My son is great!  He even went out and purchased more shelving, assembled said shelving and organized all the junk and stuff and the stuff's stuff.   The room is beautiful now!  Everything is neatly stacked on shelves.  Sigh ... I do love him very much.  But where is that origami paper?
 I reckon I can use some of that rice paper I batiked a few weeks ago.  At least I know where that is - on the dining room table where it really doesn't belong, but, hey, it's a surface, so I put stuff on it.

Speaking of the son .. He gave me permission a few weeks ago to post a video he made. The electronic music is by my youngest son and improvisational skills by a friend.  I think it's pretty darn cool. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

For a change of scenery .. a wannabe movie trailer ..

This past weekend I had a bit of fun with the imovie app on my phone. This is what I made... It was ridiculously easy. Just insert photos, video clips. Rearrange images a bit, insert writing and voila!

My Escape from foam orama on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Wehwehchen and a fairly recent side excursion..

Okay, I finally acknowledged that I  am not getting better.  I have been sick, sick, sick since I've been back from Germany.
The first week back I barely made it out of the house. 
 I took myself to the doctor today.  The whopper of a cold I brought back from Germany has turned into a whopper of a sinus infection with a fever.  I am on antibiotics now.  I need to be well since I go back to work in a few days.  My sommer is over.

I did want to share more photos.  One of the more delightful side trips I took toward the end of my month long journey was a weekend excursion to Würzburg. As a child, I had lived in a small town close to Würzburg and was interested in revisiting the area.

Würzburg is a lovely city with a fascinating history.  Of course, the history of the city was brought alive by fellow blogger Mago who I had the delight of meeting.  Mago is interesting, cool, nice .. and very patient.  The first evening in Würzburg I wanted to hike up to the Festung.  So we hiked and it was hot and we had nothing to drink .. What were we thinking?  But it was all fun, the whole weekend was very enjoyable.  Thanks, Mago!

View from the Festung ..

Die Festung am Marienberg with Alte Mainbrücke.  

Wine cellar underneath the Residenze..

My glass of wine after the tour of the above pictured wine cellar.

None of these photos are in any particular order, btw..

Die Alte Brücke .. 

The Annunciation .. with cool ear horn ..  An archway over a door of the Marienkapelle (Bürgerkirche)

Würzburger Residenz with Franconiabrunnen.

The formal gardens at the Festung

Monday, July 20, 2015

Oh ja...!

Und hier habe ich gedacht ich post fast täglich ... Oh well ..
While I have missed my sons, husband, dog, cat, dust bunnies, I have not specifically missed where i live. Its been good to be back to the old homeland and to revisit old haunts...
Such as the street I used to sled down on..

Castle ruins i used to play amongst
Of course, it's always good to revisit Paris ..
Fireworks on Bastille Day..

Looking at at a ton of art ..
Starting to feel overwhelmed by les arts decoratifes.
Appreciating being back im
Dorf with beloved relatives.

A harvest that was turned into jelly..

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Das Wildschwein

Das Wildschwein
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and she's current christmas masterpiece

and she's current christmas masterpiece
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